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Hotel guests today are not easy to please. Their expectations are high, their appetites, diverse and their fingers are constantly being worked on their smartphones, sharing every experience—especially unpleasant and disappointing ones—with anyone that will listen. With this in mind guests are learning to expect extraordinary experiences in spaces that inspire them with exotic styles and surprising features but which also offer all the comforts of home. Hotel Operators, REITS, Developers, and Architects have to balance these extremes to cater to sophisticated hotel guests, remembering that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Future Hotels, is the latest addition to the ‘Future Series’ and will provide a unique opportunity for the hospitality to engage on the challenges faced delivering exceptional environments, cultures, and technologies to the guest.

With 5,000 United States Hotel projects planned amounting to 600,000 guestrooms, there is no better time for Hotel Operators, REITs, Developers, Architects and suppliers to discuss the exciting trends facing hotel development and design.

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